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Koala Hoodie - Dark Grey
Koala Hoodie - Dark Grey
Koala Hoodie - Dark Grey

Koala Hoodie - Dark Grey

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Our Koala (dark) Hoodie is the perfect mix of creativity and convenience. Cling to the soft, fuzzy fur of this plush toy during the day, and enjoy plenty of tree climbing adventures. By night, it becomes the snuggliest hoodie to keep you warm.

  • Protects children from the elements.
  • Turns into an adorable toy to encourage independence.
  • Easy-to-use design for children.
  • Available in a number of fun designs children will love.
  • Offers double the fun with a toy and a hoodie.
  • Sparks your child’s imagination with its magical design.
  • Offers ultimate convenience on a day out.
  • Please note this product is not one of our Weighted Toys. It is a Hoodie.

Tumfort Hoodie Size Chart

Size / Age 3 Years 4-5 Years 6-7 Years 8 Years 9-10 Years
Length 40cm 44cm 48cm 52cm 56cm
Shoulder 31cm 33cm 35cm 37cm 39cm
Chest 65cm 70cm 75cm 80cm 85cm
Bottom 60cm 65cm 70cm 75cm 80cm
Sleeve Length 37cm 38cm 41cm 44cm 47cm

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